• Engineering

    Intuitive spreadsheets present ideas and data clearly while yielding actionable intelligence.

  • Biotech

    Mongoose LIMS makes laboratory and biorepository management easy and efficient.

  • Contracting

    Automatically generating proposals and reports makes crunch time a breeze.

  • Management

    Good decisions become obvious with the right tools. Easily gather, analyze and report data.

Professional Excel Development

Office Cropped

We create productivity tools in Microsoft Excel.

And our customers love the tools we develop.  But what makes them so great?  Every product we develop, large and small, employs…

Powerful functionality and clean user experience.

All Mongoose products are organized, appealing and intuitive to use.  Adopting our products is trivial because they run in the familiar and ubiquitous Excel environment.  Some solutions integrate with Access, Word or Outlook, etc.

For example, a Mongoose product can automatically summarize information from multiple sources, compile a report in a Word document, store it on your network and send an email to pertinent individuals.

So what kinds of tools do we develop?

Below is a quick introductory video to Mongoose Coding and the professional Excel development we provide.


Excel Programmer

Mongoose Coding is your personal Excel programmer.

Our consultants are seasoned listeners and Excel developers which enables us to shoulder your objectives and develop robust Excel solutions designed to satisfy your objectives–and your objectives alone.  Clear communication is paramount to any successful development project. To minimize any gaps in communication, we assign a single Excel programmer to each project we undertake–opposed to multiple Excel developers.  Your Excel programmer will be assigned to all future projects with your company, as well.